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Jerry Isenhart has kicked around the Lake Chelan Valley since 1969, when he arrived in Chelan, having just turned 25, to own & operate KOZI Radio. After selling KOZI in 1999, Isenhart took a 12 month vacation, and then launched one of the very first Community Web Sites in the nation, Go Lake Chelan. That was before Google, Facebook, GMail, Twitter, and a whole host of Social Media and 6 years before Apple introduced their IPHone, which revolutionized the Internet more than anything else. Isenhart sold that established web-site in 2014, and turned his attention to Aerial Photography via Quadcopters, and has an incredible library of stills and videos taken over the last few years, with new material being captured all the time. Chelan Cams is the obvious evolution of someone who is always out front, with technology and content. Stick around - Isenhart intends to use this site to give "perspective' on the valley, using camera images to speak the thousand words.

Remembering Manson’s 1983 Helicopter Santa


Remembering Manson's 1983 Helicopter Santa In the 1980's we were part of a great Manson promotion that was aired on Northwest TV Stations in 1983 and then syndicated nationwide the following year. The story behind the program was recently re-told in a special edition of  "Making Waves" on Lake Chelan Now.

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Remembering Ruth Pingrey


Remembering Ruth PingreyThis too is a work in progress. This is a digitized version of a class project of Mrs Pingrey. Ruth Pingrey was one of the best Proud Americans I have ever known - and she was a 3rd Grade Teacher at Chelan Elementary School. There is much to be written and added here. In the interim.... here is a videothat tells a wonderful story.  

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Jim Griffith – One Of Lake Chelan’s Great Characters


Jim Griffith -  One of Lake Chelan's Real CharactersThis page is a work in progress.  The story of Jim Griffith is the a story of laughter and tears, Jim was one of the funniest people I ever knew. He loved working and loved his work. From an early age,Jim had a fascination for aviation and airplanes, and when he was about 14 he wrangled a job at Chelan Airways with Ernie Gibson. Jim's first jobs were to keep the fuel tanks topped off, keep the floats pumped (as most floats have slow leaks and take on water (over time), and wash [...]

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A Fleeting Moment Over Mill Bay


Manson Mill Bay Marina - Delightful Setting Summer 2018 The other night, with calm winds and a beautiful late sunset, we flittered around the Mill Bay boat ramp and surrounding area, grabbing lots of still images and some snippets of video. It was an lovely evening, and our Photoshop "Auto Editor" must have thought the same - as out popped this short, silly video of the same evening. It says it all.

A Fleeting Moment Over Mill Bay2022-01-10T11:51:22+00:00

Multiple Agencies Quickly Quell Chelan Hills Fire Sunday Morning (5-27-18)


Chelan Hills Fire - 5-28-18 A fire that started adjacent to Highway 150 (Chelan-Manson Highway) around 9:30 AM Sunday morning, May 28th, quickly raced up the hill toward the homes in Chelan Hills that bordered the edge looking out over the lake and valley. (Homes mostly on Orchard View Drive, I believe.)  This is the first in a series of short videos we captured, while caught in the traffic which ended up being held for over an hour, with the road closed while firefighters gained control of the situation. SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE FOR MORE VIDEOS AND INFORMATION  [...]

Multiple Agencies Quickly Quell Chelan Hills Fire Sunday Morning (5-27-18)2019-01-20T11:05:12+00:00

Chelan Dam / River Spilling 7,000 CFS 5-24-18


Impressive 7,000 CFS Spilling Through Chelan Dam 5-24-18 It was mesmerizing to say the least. The roar of the water was loud -- loud enough it could be heard some distance away. And yet 7,000 CFS is well within the sale rates of spill for the Chelan Gorge. (Last year, we filmed a spill at over 9,000 CFS which did put some pressure on the river height in places). But as you see, when we flew down the river a ways, all was just fine.

Chelan Dam / River Spilling 7,000 CFS 5-24-182018-05-26T21:05:02+00:00

Slidewaters Ready for The Summer of 2018


Slidewaters Lake Chelan - Warming Up To Open A recent news interview on Lake Chelan Now got our attention to fly over the popular summer recreation facility and see what's up. We'll leave the story telling to an excellent interview between Dennis Rahm and Slidewaters Co-Owner Robert Bordner. In the meantime, take a look at these aerials and imagine yourself, family and friends basking in the sun one of these coming summer days. And THEN imagine an extended season at Slidewaters, with the worlds BIGGEST WAVE SURFING MACHINE. Here's the opening line on Lake Chelan Now  .... Slidewaters owners Burke [...]

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The Day Mt St Helens Erupted – In Terms of Armageddon – by Scott Brundage


The 1980 Eruption of Mt St Helens - In Terms of Armageddon - By Scott Brundage and KOZI May 18, 1980 started as a delightful spring day in the Lake Chelan Valley.  A sunny Sunday morning with many people heading off to church, and others out in their yards, beginning a day of clean-up, after a long winter. Two "Sonic Booms "( or so they sounded) startled most who heard them, and yet there was something different about their sound. Initially it was a fleeting thought. In the passing minutes that Sunday morning, it began to become very [...]

The Day Mt St Helens Erupted – In Terms of Armageddon – by Scott Brundage2018-05-24T18:33:26+00:00

Chelan PUD Spilling 6000 CFS Over Chelan Dam (5-18-2018)


Chelan PUD Spilling Over Chelan Dam (5-18-2018) May 18, 2018 It was not a case of if, but when, the Chelan County PUD would be forced to spill water over the Chelan Dam as Spring Run-Off is filling Lake Chelan rapidly. (Five feet in the last 10 days (1090' ASL  to 1095' ASL)  - see chart below ). Today's spill of just over 6,000 Cubic Feet Per Second is only 1/3 of the spill rate we saw a year ago when similar early and fast run-off created a similar situation.  The 3 charts below from the Chelan PUD Web Site [...]

Chelan PUD Spilling 6000 CFS Over Chelan Dam (5-18-2018)2022-06-11T21:50:05+00:00
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