How We’ve Evolved From Our Original Launch Date

One thing is certain in this day and age – change is a given. And our hopes to develop a fleet of Webcams got mired in a series of problems, and aren”t rolling off the press as fast as we had hoped.
We haven’t given up on the idea – but as we work to make it happen, we’ve taken on another task that we hope our followers will find equally valuable. Given we have over 45 years of audio tapes from our former radio and GoLakeChelan days. we’ve been busy digitizing as many of those tapes as we can lay our hands on, and saving to mp3 files, which will last far longer than the old mylar tape recordings.
Beginning soon we will be posting those audio files along with the introduction to set the stage for each…
Hours and hours of great memories from the past – all here – coming soon.

Historical Audio 

What We Do

Strategically Located Web Cams

We display 120 new images per hour from our Pan-Tilt-Zoom Web Cams that are constantly moving.

We place multi-position Web Cams at “Strategic Locations” and post 1 new image per minute per camera to our web-site.  Our cameras Pan-Tilt & Zoom, creating the effect of us having many. many cameras at those strategic locations. At Stehekin, our up to the minute images are transmitted by satellite to our web-page server in Arizona. We are the only place on earth that delivers up to the minute images from inside the North Cascades National Park at Stehekin on a regular, reliable basis.

Our down-lake multi-position “Boat-Cam” is located overlooking the Lake Chelan Boat Company. From our location, we can zoom in on Lakeside Park, the City Marina at Don Morse Park, the peak of Stormy Mountain, Cooper Mountain, and then the entire lower end of Lake Chelan.

Amd our Chelan-Realty Downtown Cam looks up and down Woodin Avenue and beyond and gives viewers a sense about what’s happen
in the core of the town.

Historical Images

We have been collectors of historical images for most of the last 50 years.  So our personal collection includes a lot of vintage photos by many photo-historians.  It is fascinating to do comparisons between ‘Then and Now’ if possible, and every photo has a story.
That’s our mission. To share and tell the story if we know it, or solicit the story from readers if they do. Thus we are always a ‘work in process.’ But it’s not work if we’re having fun – and we are.

Aerial Photography & Video

Chelan Cams is our outlet to share the best of our aerial video and still image photography. With the area undergoing immense growth, we have some amazing ‘before and after’ views that tell the story well.  And each passing day, that perspective becomes more obvious.