Ernie The Pilot & Many Other Stories Of The Past

For many years, Ernie Gibson flew the waters of Lake Chelan as the owner of Chelan Airways.
His legendary story is told in this video, produced by his son, Steve Gibson and good friend Malcolm Keithly.
For anyone wanting to study the history of the valley, this is a ‘must watch’.

This video is about a lot more than the fascinating life of Ernie Gibson.
While it centers around Ernie Gibson, much of the story is told by Claude Southwick,  another Lake Chelan chaaracter of the past,
and by Hank Harvey, one of the founders of what became Chelan Airways.  This light hearted, often humorous video is a rare compilation
of personalities and stories that only those who lived in that era, could possibly know.

We dare you to start watching. You won’t want to stop.