Massive Change To Waterfront on Lower End of Lake Chelan 

In Feb 2017, we produced this  “Newsreel” style video capturing an extensive look at an area of Lake Chelan waterfront that would soon be seeing extensive change. We knew then that Chelan Seaplanes would no longer be operating out of that area and that the former Howe Sound dock,  just downlake from the Lake Chelan Boat Company would be removed and a major marina ( Sunset Marina ) w0uld be built at that location. 

As we up-date this post in January , 2019, we’ve learned that the Lake Chelan Boat Company has sold, and word is that the Goodfellow Brothers are working with the City on a development on the 3 Fingers Landfill given that the Washington State Supreme Court ruled in Goodfellows favor in the early summer of 2018, freeing them to move forward with a project there.