Lawrence D Lindsley – Cowboy Photographer

One of the early photographers of the Lake Chelan Valley was Lawrence D. Lindsley. Lawrie, as he was known to many, spent several years at Lake Chelan, both at his family home near 25 Mile Creek and Up Lake at Stehekin. His photographs of this area, captured on ‘glass plate’ negatives, were given to my father, Don Isenhart, in the mid 60’s. Eventually that collection of 200 or more negatives was given to the North Central Wasington Museum in Wenatchee. A 2nd Lindsley collection, owned by long time Stehekin businessman Robert Byrd, was acquired from Byrd’s daughter and given to the Lake Chelan Historical Society and the Chelan Museum. The story of Lawrence Lindsley and his 60 years of coming and going to Lake Chelan, will take more than one 5 minute documentary. Malcolm Keithly and I have joined talents to shine some light on Lindsley and his incredible work.  Over time we will produce a series of EBooks that tell the story.