Jim Griffith –  One of Lake Chelan’s Real Characters

This page is a work in progress.  The story of Jim Griffith is the a story of laughter and tears,
Jim was one of the funniest people I ever knew. He loved working and loved his work. From an early age,
Jim had a fascination for aviation and airplanes, and when he was about 14 he wrangled a job at Chelan Airways with Ernie Gibson. Jim’s first jobs were to keep the fuel tanks topped off, keep the floats pumped (as most floats have slow leaks and take on water (over time), and wash windshields and clean out the plane after each flight. Jim hauled passenger luggage to and from the plane, answered phones for reservations, and was in charge of the Airways Office when  Ernie was out on a flight. 
But that’s just a piece of the story. Jim was a natural salesman. He sold Time Shares at most resorts in the valley, he sold real estate from time to time, and eventually started his own business “Cascade Carpet Cleaning.” But his passion of passions was flying and when he showed up in town with his Ultra-Light on Floats,  he was the envy of every pilot and wanna-be pilot in the region.  We have close to 500 photos that Jim snapped from his open-air Ultra-Light while flying the shorelines of Lake Chelan. And we have several videos too. 
Over time we will post these memories to this section, so keep coming back. 

Jim loved aviation and for sure, he loved his Ultra-Light on floats. We hope to share his story here.